My Skills Include..

Inspired by @samkaplan
  1. Sarcasm. Clearly.
    I think "man that's funny." I say funny comment. In reality I have just ripped into my friend's deep, dark doubts about him/herself and spilled it in front of everyone . I'm a joy.
  2. Being Self Sufficient
    In humor. Basically what I'm saying is that I laugh at my own jokes. Amusement- party of 1.
  3. Joking at the wrong time
    Difficult conversation? Awkward moment? Serious moment of any kind? Just add a joke. The more awkward the better. Consequently, I sat at a table with a lot of my close family to discuss an elder's medical situation and (oh my) everyone kept making jokes. This is possibly a learned behavior. 🤓
  4. Silver Lining/ Negativity
    Saying something super negative and in the same sentence (problem with run ins?) hypothesizing about the good that could come out of it.
  5. Being an AC wimp
    Difficult when you live in Texas.
  6. Being quirky.
    It's just natural, baby.
  7. Beginning conversations...