Some of what I believe in no particular order
  1. Dogs are dogs
    Not puppies or humans or kids or corporations. (Okay I'm guilty of the puppy one and the corporation one is not a thing)
  2. I love my dog more than most.
    My SO would agree.
  3. Sometimes I wish my dog was not as smart as she is.
  4. I love big floppy ears.
  5. I would never crops dog's tail
    But I love the fact that my dog came to us without one.
  6. I think small dogs are great
    ...for other people.
  7. Adoption is the only way.
  8. I have an ex-friend with whom I'm FB friends.
    I was convinced she was as shallow as they come. Then for her bridal shower she had everyone bring items to donate to an animal shelter. It's the only reason she's still my FB friend.