Really though it's what I don't WANT to live without
  1. Food, shelter, water
    Yeah, whatever, blah, blah, blah...human necessities...
  2. Sarcasm
    I mean, obviously.
  3. Cheese.
  4. Accountability.
    It really does contribute to happiness.
  5. Laughter.
    My overarching motto for life is "Sometimes in life you have to choose to laugh or cry. I just try to choose laugh more than cry."
  6. Human connection.
  7. Experiencing different cultures.
  8. Testing my limits.
  9. Swearing.
  10. Learning.
  11. Being creative.
  12. Chocolate Ganache.
    I love it. Chocolate mousse or pudding are also acceptable.
  13. Helping others.
    Social justice is my jam. Play loudly. Repeat.
  14. Conversations with people who believe things I do not.
  15. Nature.
  16. Also cities.
    I live in the burbs of a top ten city, but every time I leave NYC or Chicago, I cry a little. True story.
  17. Dogs.
    They use their senses in ways humans don't.
  18. Exercise.
    That's when I process what's going on in my head. Running and yoga are also my jam.
  19. Sex.
  20. Right angles.
    They set my perfectionist mind at ease.
  21. An artful angle
    Because perfect is boring.