1. Going braless.
    Never liked it, thinking I never will. I like them secured and not pointing at anyone
  2. Throw pillows.
    What the hell is their purpose? As an interior designer their existence flabbergasts me.
  3. Shoes.
    I am not a shoe person. I would have 1 pair of comfy slip on sneakers (in black of course) and wear those until they looked like 💩 and then buy a similar pair.
  4. Voicemail.
    Just text me the message. On that same line of reasoning- I will never give you my desk number. Call my mobile- 1 number for you, 1 device to check for me.
  5. Chain restaurants.
    Eat interesting food = be interesting. This may or may not be true.
  6. Pattern and pastels.
    Texture is important but pattern is not for me. I generally dress like a mismatched Easter Egg- if Easter eggs were half or all black with a coordinating bold color.
  7. Sports.
    Just. Don't. Care.
  8. Whether or not you want kids, are SLGBTQ, your religious beliefs, etc.
    It's none of my business unless you are my partner. If you want to talk about it...then I'll get all up in your business...but you started it. 😜