1. You probably need some driving lessons.
    Really?! My record is pretty clean. My SO has had about 4 accidents in 2y. Know how many times men have asked him if he needed driving lessons. I do- ZERO!
  2. Are you going to be a stay at home mom?
    When telling my boss that my SO is being transferred and we're moving.
  3. Shaken, not ignored
    Business meeting. Only woman. Completely ignored when everyone is shaking hands and exchanging names. Awkward when I stick my hand out after everyone is done and state my name.
  4. Not ignored.
    Can you take notes? The answer is always no.
  5. When are you two going to tie the knot?
    Okay, 9y and a kid and v. happy so I understand why the question is asked. The question itself is not inherently sexist, but why do people (men and women) always ask me? Not my SO?
  6. And you let him ...?
  7. He (fill in the blank with any task associated as being feminine)?
    Yes. He is a fully functioning adult and can do just about anything just as you or I can.