1. You always have a hair tie and a headband
  2. You learn how to dress for date night AND get out of the Jeep without flashing the valet/people around you
  3. You learn that when the wind is at a certain angle you have to turn your head to breathe
  4. You will get rained on
  5. You always know what kind of gift you can get for them
  6. You know that you can never buy them anything for their JEEP bc you will never get it right so you just buy a JEEP tshirt
  7. You know they love you if they let you drive the JEEP
  8. Bonus points if it's off-road or you're learning to drive or drive stick shift
  9. Your daughter will ask for the JEEP by age 5
  10. You will laugh at her bc there's no way he'll let a 16yo behind the wheel of his baby
    You also realize that you underestimate the power of their father-daughter relationship
  11. You will realize just how much you trust them when there's one tire almost off of the edge of a mountain