So there's 50 'pisodes up there. Where do you start?
  1. 5. Episode 45 -- Space Program vs. Whatever James Cameron Is Doing Underwater
    This was a listener top and wins the moderator's award for Composition & Phrasing. Plus it's truly a a toss up & made for a solid debate which centered around a lengthy discussion of "probes".
  2. 4. Episode 36 -- There are Fewer than 45 Old Movies Worth Watching.
    Features a staggering number of ridiculous claims.
  3. 3. Episode 11 -- Brad Pitt is Better than Daniel Day Lewis
    An early debate in which Steve memorably argues that "Brad Pitt is the most riveting screen presence we have."
  4. 2. Episode 50 -- 50th Episode Spectacular featuring BJ Novak and John Mayer
    Whenever you have company you're on your best behavior which is maybe a drawback but these dudes were formidable debaters and the debates were so hot we pretty much ignored the buzzer every time it went off.
  5. 1. Episode 41 -- Microdebates: Listener Topics