5 Photos on My Phone, Chosen at Random

  1. A building in downtown St. Louis. I think I enjoyed the lettering? Who knows now, but I do love that St. Louis architecture.
  2. Found this creepy stack of rocks when I was on a walk. I mean... that's creepy, right? That's some Poltergeist shit right there.
  3. Um, this guy's jacket is amazing. He's at a British soccer game. I couldn't not capture him.
  4. Sometimes Birchbox addresses my monthly subscription box with something adorable, and this time "big-hearted" was something I really really needed to hear attached to my name. I know they've addressed a bunch of boxes to other "big-hearted" people, but...it was what I needed. I will receive it.
  5. Because the spelling of "Halloween Whopper" on this sign was too good to not memorialize.