1. Look all over the grocery store for hominy.
  2. Realize you don't know what hominy is.
  3. Google "hominy."
  4. Look all over the store again for hominy.
  5. Ask a grocery store cashier if they have hominy.
  6. Cashier doesn't know what hominy is either. He pages someone in the store to ask if they have hominy.
  7. They don't have hominy.
  8. Google substitutes for hominy.
  9. Find the recommended substitute for hominy : corn.
  10. While putting corn in the cart, your partner keeps suggesting alternatives.
  11. "Chickpeas? What about navy beans? Pinto beans?"
  12. You say, "NO. Those are beans, NOT CORN. It's not the SAME."
  13. Over the loud speakers while your blood sugar plummets: "Freefalling" by Tom Petty.
  14. Your partner sings "Freefalling" in a falsetto all the way home from the grocery store.
  15. 😖