Intentions for 2016

  1. Write more
    Because I am a writer, first and foremost. I've realized that over the past year I have not allowed myself to write, and I've become claustrophobic in my own body because of it. Therefore, this is the year that I bring myself back to writing and back to my roots.
  2. Go out more
    This is a resolution I made with my fiancé, and by "go out more" we mean go dancing more. One of the million reasons I'm marrying this guy.
  3. Take care of myself
    I mean eat better, I mean work out more. And I mean letting work become just something I do during the day and not taking it home with me. Emotional boundaries and saying no to things that do not serve me.
  4. Say yes
    To things that nourish me.
  5. Be loud
    I want to make sure that my voice is heard. It's easy for me to be overwhelmed by all the noise out there, but I don't want to be silent anymore. I want to assert my wants, my needs, my desires.
  6. More FaceTime and more face time with the people who nourish me
    I've spent the past year in some pretty dark places, pulling away from my family and my friendships. Not this year. I want to stay connected to my most nourishing relationships.
  7. Vulnerability and an open heart
    For many reasons, I shy away from expressing my emotions, important pieces of my past, and my desires to the people I love the most. I want to change that this year.
  8. Bake more
    Because baked goodies are delicious, and I want them all the time.
  9. Simplify
    I have a ton of shit. I want to let anything unnecessary go. I want to commit to being present in the space that I live in, and not treat it as if it's temporary. So I'm going to declutter and nest.
  10. Make a solid effort to ensure that 90% of the alcohol I ingest is either champagne or bourbon.