1. Last meal : crab cake on a bed of roasted potatoes and sautéed spinach and delish garlic butter sauce
  2. Last drink : champagne!!!!! All the champagne.
  3. Last outfit : super cute black dress I found for cheap at a thrift store in St. Louis
  4. Last shoes I wore : black high heeled pumps
    The shoes were cute, but they kept sliding off my feet. Either that or I don't remember how to walk in pumps anymore.
  5. Last person I face timed with : littlest bro @grayt
  6. Last person I texted : my mom
  7. Last song of the night/early morning : Everybody Wants to Rule the World, by Tears for Fears
    The main guy has the grossest ponytail in the history of the world, but this song is my #1 fave of All Time.
  8. Last picture I took in 2015
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