Monday, My Adventure Day

  1. Hair adventures : got my undercut trimmed. love it. It's so satisfying. It's a small thing and I could probs do myself, but why? I can have my hair person do it for free. Treatin' m'self.
  2. Reading adventures : read the first few chapters of this. I've always loved bell hooks and I love theoretical things about intangible concepts like love. Love is a revolution.
  3. Cooking adventures : dal (basically a red lentil soup/curry) with some amazing radish raita. Recipe courtesy of The Homemade Kitchen. 😍
  4. Baking adventures : blueberry bran muffins Look at me, making muffins AND dal AND raita AT THE SAME TIME. IT SMELLS SO GOOD IN MY HOUSE.
  5. Aloe Vera repotting adventures. Poor girl was in the tiniest pot in the world. Now she's got room to grow.
  6. Also, my cat would not leave me alone today. She kept demanding to use my hand as a pillow. This is the best picture I could get of the whole thing (because she's gigantic, she's all black and I obviously had limited angles and hands).
  7. Adult life, you guys. It can sometimes be this exciting.