We've known each other since we were 5 yrs old. We are now 30.
  1. When we first met
    Our moms met each other because they were two Filipinas in a tiny town in rural Nevada. Chris and I were instant pals. Mostly, he kept jumping on me and laying on top of me. I guess I was cool with it.
  2. Bathroom trips
    You know how ladies are constantly portrayed as going to the bathroom in groups? Chris and I were like that as kids. When we were together, we were inseparable.
  3. Streets of Rage II
    Our video game of choice. I always chose to be Blaze (brown hair, awesome red bikini fighting outfit), Chris was always beefcake Max, and sometimes skater guy Axel. We would also pretend to be them and play fight outside.
  4. Darna
    Filipina superhero. We loved this movie. When she wanted to switch into her super outfit, she swallowed a pearl. When the bad guy (a snake?!) got a hold of her pearl and took it, the snake suddenly got huge red lips. We thought that was hilarious.
  5. High school dances
    Mostly, just the dancing. High school was a bunch of nonsense for both of us, but dances were fun. I never had my maximum amount of fun without Chris there. Mysteriously, we never went to prom together. If I could do high school all over again, I'd make sure I went to prom with my BFF.
  6. Drives to the top of Winnemucca Mountain.
    Whenever shit got tough, we'd grab some snacks and sodas and go to the top of Winnemucca Mountain to put everything in perspective. These days when shit gets tough, my instinct is still to get to higher ground and take Chris with me.
  7. Us then.
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  8. Us in the middle with my brothers as bookends.
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    It's actually my brothers' birthday party in this pic.
  9. Us now.
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    After a Beach House show where we almost got into it with a white girl who tried to start a fight (yeah, a real-ass fight) with my fiancé. Quote of the night: "Alright. If we're gonna brawl at Beach House, we're gonna brawl at Beach House, bitch. Let's go."
  10. Michael (my fiancé) and Chris.
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    The night we went dancing before Chris moved to Japan, and before I came home to help my family through a shitstorm of a transition. Loves of my life, these two.
  11. Our annual breakfast hangs at The Griddle
    Every year around Christmas. This is maybe the only consistent event we can count on in either of our lives. Last year, we did our breakfast hang at Sid's Restaurant and it wasn't the same.
  12. The one time in high school when we were looking for each other, found each other and realized we were both crying
    I was crying because my friends had planned to go to something and didn't invite me. He was crying because he had just been bullied and called a "fag" by some football players. (While this is not a High School Problems Olympics, Chris still wins. My friends were just dicks.) This is not a fave memory because of our shared misery, but because our first instinct was to find each other. This is still true to this day. 💜