Things I've done today instead of writing

  1. Yoga
    Today's mantra: I love...
  2. Reluctantly watched the new Justin Timberlake video
    Okay, I wasn't that reluctant. I was pretty jazzed about it.
  3. Enthusiastically watched the new Janet Jackson video.
  4. Started my "slow cooker beef in lettuce wraps with quick pickles" recipe.
    Thanks, latest issue of Cooking Light.
  5. Baked 4 chocolate cupcakes
  6. Made buttercream frosting without heavy cream
  7. Ate lunch while watching an episode of the new season of Fixer Upper on Netflix
    The episode where Chip EATS A COCKROACH.
  8. Frosted cupcakes badly.
  9. Put pants on.
  10. Delivered cupcakes to one of my fave people in the whole universe.