Things Worth Getting Emotional About Today

  1. John Legend's You and I video.
    And I didn't just tear up, I wept while sputtering things like, "Tig!" and "Laverne!" and "oh my god."
  2. Thinking about how gorgeous and fucking cool John Legend and Chrissy Teigen's baby is going to be
  3. Watching Janelle Monae videos
    and, with every one of them, being reminded of a little girl in an after-school program I volunteered at for a few years. This girl loved the hell out of Janelle Monae and I'm so grateful that Black artists like Janelle exist to show Black and first-generation immigrant girls that they can fucking do anything.
  4. Wind advisory days.
    The emotion is irritation verging on anger. This wind is fucking up my hair game and also, possibly my lipstick game. I'm not sure though because I'm new to the lipstick game.
  5. Finding out that the college radio station I was a DJ on for 3 years has completely changed the radio booth.
    They got rid of the stacks! And they called "C.D.s" OLD SCHOOL. AND THEY PUNCTUATED "CDs"!!!!!!!!!!! I'm going to try not to feel like a dinosaur the next time I go into a record store. Omg, we're all dinosaurs when we go into a record store. Record stores are old school?!?! You guys, I'm spiraling.
  6. And it's not even noon yet.