Thoughts on Property Brothers

  1. Y'ALL.
  2. Why have I not watched Property Brothers sooner?!
  3. I am so intrigued by these men.
  4. They are like, 9 feet tall.
  5. It's almost like I'm watching an HGTV version of Orphan Black. Except instead of clones, they're twins.
  6. Real estate brother seems like he might be kind of a mild dick. He loves the somber, heart-attack-inducing misdirection. But I love the shit out of his blazers. Snappy dresser, that one.
  7. What is happening with contractor brother's hair in this first season?!
  8. He is my fave brother, mostly because I can't believe that he's an actual contractor.
  9. I feel like he's secretly in a 90s boy band and he's contractoring as a backup.
  10. I mean, those highlights! All he needs to do is walk around with some goggles around his neck.
  11. And a windbreaker outfit.
  12. And his staging! Who knew this guy would think to put tiny pumpkins on each place setting at the dining table?!
  13. And sparkly letters as decoration on a mantle?!
  14. Omg, he's my favorite.