My only defense is that it's my day off.
  1. Lay around, reading all the David Bowie stuff I could find
  2. I still can't really wrap my mind around the fact that he's gone.
  3. So then I out on some David Bowie tunes and read a book.
  4. Then I listened to more David Bowie tunes and made dough for cinnamon rolls.
  5. This is my first time making cinnamon rolls and I'm very excited/anxious because I really really want to eat them.
  6. Then I did yoga.
  7. Then I realized my dough wasn't rising the way it was supposed to, so I googled how to fix it.
  8. While I waited to see if I'd fixed it, I watched an episode of Property Virgins.
  9. Meanwhile, I was very very disappointed about my dough not rising.
  10. And also, David Bowie is *dead*?! What?! I don't understand.
  11. I checked on my dough. It was fixed!
  12. So I made the chai-spiced filling for the rolls and got really fucking excited for cinnamon rolls.
  13. I feel like I need to commemorate David Bowie somehow but I don't know how to do it.
  14. I'm dancing around about my cinnamon rolls and also thinking about David Bowie.
  15. So essentially all I've done today is cinnamon rolls and David Bowie.
  16. ❤️💙💜