Because let's be honest any of these options would be more desirable
  1. Obama
    Forget laws let's go on term 3
  2. Michelle Obama
    She is so smart and would do an excellent job in my opinion. I mean she was his advisor for gods sake
  3. Hillary
    There is this little thing Trump is lacking. Experience, and Integrity, and Understanding, and good ideas. I'm sorry did I say little, I meant the things that make a president.
  4. Bernie
    I'm still on this train
  5. My potted plant
    I tried to keep this list serious but hey, at lest Gustavo is not trying to single out a whole race or not remembering out country was founded on RELIGIOUS FREEDOM
  6. I tried to think of a republican but couldn't, sorry I'm just too democratic for that
    Any suggestions just leave them below