Inspire by the @greterachel titled "why I fight the patriarchy"
  1. That time when a creepy man exposed himself to me and as I was hurrying to get away told me to spread my legs
  2. When the creeper approached @ameliaseptember and I. Then she said "oh you scared me" and he replied with "that's the point"
    What a great country we live in where I can't be a female and not get approached by creepy men.
  3. The morning when my brother shot me in the eye with an air soft gun because I wouldn't change the channel.
  4. When the cigarette man in the burgundy car hit my car (with me in it) and then decided to drive away
  5. Making decorations for a school event, knocking into the stool I had my phone placed on and watching in slow motion, frozen in place, watching it crash to the ground followed my an amp