An in depth observation of the strange patterns and car politics in my parking lot. Some groups do cross over.
  1. The Trumpites
    Can be seen huddling around their multiple cars, discussing the latest NASCAR stats and ways the orange manatee can (que Trump voice) make America great again.
  2. The "I own a BMX bike"
    Most of these cars are adorned with a blue lives matter sticker or an American flag.
  3. The "My truck is lifted more than your truck" club
    They are few in number, but strong at heart...and by that I mean that they would definitely run me over if I wasn't careful.
  4. The ^50,000$ club
    Also dubbed the "Rich Kids Club", although not situated together, this group likes to spread their wealth, by parking next to the 2001 Honda Civic.
  5. The old Volvo club
    I am a member of this club.... there are three of us.
  6. The offensive sticker club
    Most of this group overlaps with both the trumpites and "I own a BMX bike group". One such sticker adorning the window of a car read "Ill help build the wall", I however do believe he would not enjoy that manual labor. Another member of this club sports a sticker reading "I'm offended that your offended" accompanied by a picture of the American flag. Damn right I'm offended they should be ashamed of themselves, promoting hate, and really that is all that flag stands for. Hate and Oppression.
  7. The rest of the student populous, driving corollas, priuses(is this a word), unmodified trucks, and accords.