Some of these were just ignorant elementary schoolers who didn't know any better... And others, not so much. (But this isn't to say all my experiences have been negative. Most people are very kind.)
  1. So... Are you China?
    I heard this so often from ages 5-10. Made me very annoyed and confused.
  2. Woah your dad's white? But you look Asian..
    Yeah well I have a mom too, so that probably has something to do with it? Maybe?
  3. You should stop dying your hair lighter. Just leave it natural!
    Well this is natural. Just because my mom has black hair doesn't mean I need to have black hair naturally too..
  4. Wow you do karate and play the viola? Your mom must pressure you a lot.
    Not at all, actually. I willfully chose both at a young age and both parents supported me. And when I decided to quit karate, they supported that too. My mom never coerced me into anything whatsoever.