I initially thought this was going to be very difficult, but then I realized that I haven't watched many TV series, so it really wasn't all that hard. Anyway, these are my choices (though they will probably change at some point).
  1. Lost
    This show is hated by many, but it remains at the top of my list of favorite TV series. It has elements of sci-fi, mystery, romance, drama, humor, and has made me cry on a number of occasions. I love it so much that I would have no choice but to bring it with me on a deserted island.
  2. Medium
    It may seem like an odd choice, but this was one of the first shows that I would watch with my whole family and I've loved it ever since. The characters are all so likable and the script is excellent; I don't think I'd ever get tired of it.
  3. The Office (US)
    Obviously I had to pick this one, and not just because of who happens to have created this app. Anyone who has watched the show knows why it's on this list. There's no point in giving an explanation because it would be endless.