I actually had a very good day, and it happened to be on this day: Friday the 13th. It might be because I'm not superstitious. I might be a little stistious though. *wink*
  1. I received Crunch & Snickers candy bars.
    The Crunch was from my English teacher just because. The Snickers was from mi maestra de español for simply completing an activity.
  2. I got my highest score yet on an in-class essay.
    I'd say that I'm a proficient essay-writer, just not under pressure. My other two scores were 5's & 6's, but this one was a 7! I really needed this one after this horrendously long week.
  3. I actually understand my English assignment?!
    We're supposed to translate the Declaration of Independence into more understandable language. The task seemed impossible but proved to be pretty simple, thank God.
  4. My dad bought me three books.
    I would have felt even more lucky if he agreed to buy the seven I picked out, but I'm still very happy.
  5. I am home with my family and we are alive and safe.
    I felt the need to add this after the tragic events that happened today. My heart goes out to Paris & the other countries under attack. I cannot express my sadness and disbelief.