I'm bored in my seminar class currently. This seminar class takes place in the cafeteria, and though I have lunch in here every day, I don't pay much attention to the little details of this room until it's practically empty and I'm procrastinating.
  1. Mayonnaise
    It's in their little packets, on the floor, smeared across tables and chairs; Jesus. I don't even like it on my sandwiches.
  2. Paper
    I figured I'd keep this pretty general. This includes: gum/candy wrappers, crumpled napkins, the annoying fringe part of notebook paper, whole sheets of paper for whatever reason.
  3. Adults
    Grumpy teachers, oddly happy teachers, the random lady who somehow has some kind of authority and is always yelling at students to be quiet, weird person who looks like they might be a student, the list goes on.
  4. Students
    Grade-A douche bags, complete idiots, insecure girls, those doing homework, and me (a combination of these).
  5. Condoms, apparently
    I didn't have the pleasure of viewing this with my own eyes, but apparently it was a really big deal (though made for something that wasn't really that big of a deal).