So I've seen a few lists recently explaining why people have been absent from for whatever period of time and I figured I had some explaining to do too.
  1. I don't really know.
    I wasn't backpacking across Eastern Europe or taking a social media hiatus for some spiritual gain. I just.. didn't list.
  2. I guess I'm facing a creative block.
  3. Or I've been lacking motivation.
  4. That isn't to say I haven't *done* anything.
    I scored a 5 on my AP exam, I was a bridesmaid in my sisters wedding, I bought a car and learned how to drive stick in one week, I read War and Peace in 2 weeks, I watched Stranger Things in one day.
  5. But I haven't felt particularly motivated to do any of those things.
    I just sort of did them..
  6. And my family life has been less than good.
    I recently came to the realization that I'm a liberal. In a conversation household (but I already knew that part). And it's tough getting really frustrated with your parents and not being able to say anything. I realize this is a minuscule problem compared to what millions of LGBT and pregnant kids have gone through in conservative households... It's still hard though.
  7. And I don't know what else.
  8. I might not list again in a while, maybe I will.
  9. But this is where I've been, and where I'm at right now.
  10. Thanks for listening