I'm about to graduate with a degree in sociology and it turns out my career options are still really broad. Here are some things I'm considering. I'm just confused!!! Send help!
  1. Magician
    The website Career Cruising told me this was a good option when I was in grade 10.
  2. Puppeteer
    Another suggestion from Career Cruising
  3. Continue my education in sociology
    I could become an expert commentator on feminism in the popular media. Hopefully, this option would allow me to meet Beyoncé for research purposes.
  4. Do a masters in education policy studies
    Subvert the "system" from within. #rebelwithacause
  5. Social work?
    I hear you get to learn cool things.. And also work with people.
  6. Lawyer
    Dunno... I've heard that's a job some people do. But the LSAT sounds like a bit of a drag.
  7. Go travelling for the rest of my life
    Because having money and a job is so last year.
  8. Get famous on the List App
    Maybe that could be a job?