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I have a lot of feelings. Obvious spoilers ahead.
  1. My thoughts leading up to the release
  2. The prologue
    First of all, this piece of music is in my top 5 Disney songs of all time so I was REALLY concerned about this. That being said, I enjoyed it very much. Dan Stevens looks GOOD with that eye makeup. Not as huge of a fan of the way the enchantress showed up all glowing but that's me nitpicking.
  3. Audra McDonald
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Things have been #rough around here the past day so here's a fun thing I guess
  1. Yeah Yeah from The Sandlot
    There's a note that I wrote from him saying he likes me. I wrote this in kindergarten.
  2. Chris O Donnell in Batman and Robin
    WHAT A BABE. He's also the first one I ever thought of marrying.
  3. Adam Brody from The O.C.
    LITERALLY the love of my life. I started watching in 8th grade I think? He's still my favorite, my numero uno.
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Possible spoilers for the show and book!
  1. I can't wait for Nicole Kidman to get that Emmy nomination (and win?!)
  2. I thought I just liked Ed because he's played by Adam Scott but no I just really like the guy and I liked him in the book too so it's for real
  3. Looool I forgot that everyone was dressed in Audrey or Elvis costumes at trivia night I can wait to watch this
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I was a good kid that was blessed with balance, excellent hand eye coordination, and common sense. Baby brother on the other hand was a MESS.
  1. Falling down the stairs at my uncle's house
    He had enough sense to grab the rail on the way down but he still ended up with rugburn in his forehead from the last tumble. He cried (a mix of embarrassment and fear I think) and I probably rolled my eyes at all the attention he got from the adults at the party
  2. Getting hit in the face with a tether ball
    My brother had a nose that would start bleeding if he sneezed too hard when he was younger so getting hit SQUARE in the face meant the blood went ev-er-y-where. He sat in the nurses office and had to wait for a change of clothes. A bad day to wear white.
  3. Having a seizure
    Which isn't really an injury really I don't think? But he went to the hospital, I cried a bit because no one really explained what was happening to my third grade self, and I was kind of mad that after all those hours spent in the hospital I still had to do my homework
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I'm respectful enough to honor my dad's wish that I don't get a tattoo while I'm still living under his roof but when I move out I'm gonna get HELLA tatted (not really but like, a few) (for sure) (assuming I can get past the pain) (at least one)
  1. Lightning bolt
    If you're thinking "wow, I wonder if this is Harry Potter inspired" you'd be correct my friend!! Not the most original but it's a small reminder of the thing that was the single biggest influence on my life. This is the only tattoo that's 100% guaranteed.
  2. Rebel Alliance symbol
    I like the idea of a Star Wars tattoo because it's the first "nerdy" thing I remember being a part of my life in some way.
  3. Paper airplane
    I know what you're thinking, "enough with the clichés!!" But I can't help it! Really, it's a subtle ode to my favorite Disney short, Paperman. This would be my second tattoo choice should I go beyond the lightning bolt
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I don't know of this is a California thing or just my family but police pursuits are kind of a Big Deal and are a helluva joy to watch.
  1. The one in Manhattan Beach that's still going on right now
    Not necessarily the most exciting chase, but he's been in the car for at least 15 minutes now, guns are drawn. At one point he was driving backwards like Lightning McQueen. Also, the houses are stunning in this neighborhood. I love beach houses. 7/10
  2. The one 2 years ago that happened right on the freeway by my house.
    Nothing like watching the pursuit from the comfort of your couch then hearing the sirens and helicopters go by. 5/10
  3. The semi truck that was stolen and the chase lasted like 2 hours
    7/10 for being ballsy af and for giving me something to watch
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Don't worry people, I'm not dead, just active on Twitter! I've had this mental list running in my head and then I remembered that there's an app for that ✔
  1. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
    Idealy, the whole series (actually there's one other book that's being saved) but I have the last 4 in hardcover and those are heavy. The 7th book was my first midnight release book, I stayed up till 4am reading, slept for 2 hours, woke up and read on the way to the beach, and then read at the beach all day. It has small little sunscreen fingerprint smudges all over it. Absolutely the first thing getting thrown in.
  2. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Bloomsbury Edition
    Found it for $.50 at the library bookstore
  3. My copies of Merchant of Venice and Two Gentleman of Verona
    I got both at an old books sale at the other local library. Both were published in the 1890's and have handwritten dedications in them.
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Inspired by @brimattia and because according to Spotify I've listened to a lot of musicals this year.
  1. "The Wizard and I"- Wicked
    Is it my favorite Wicked song? I don't know but it's probably up there. It's fun to act out in the shower though.
  2. "All That Jazz"- Chicago
    This is the movie soundtrack version because it's the one I watched all the time. Also fun to act out, do a little dance, you know what I mean.
  3. "One Day More"- Les Miserables
    If you want a good time watch me try to sing all the parts. I am partial to the movie version because Aaron Tveit duh
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Did you know I'm obsessed with a boy wizard and the shenanigans he and his best friends got into? Now you doooo.
  1. Literally any scene with Peeves.
    BECAUSE PEEVES SHOULD HAVE BEEN IN THE MOVIES. But mostly, "Give her hell from us Peeves" and then he salutes Fred and George and I get hype af
  2. Dobby in Goblet of Fire
  3. Hermione and S.P.E.W.
    I understand why it was left out for time reasons but it brought so much to her character.
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