Things have been #rough around here the past day so here's a fun thing I guess
  1. Yeah Yeah from The Sandlot
    There's a note that I wrote from him saying he likes me. I wrote this in kindergarten.
  2. Chris O Donnell in Batman and Robin
    WHAT A BABE. He's also the first one I ever thought of marrying.
  3. Adam Brody from The O.C.
    LITERALLY the love of my life. I started watching in 8th grade I think? He's still my favorite, my numero uno.
  4. Johnny Depp
    A love that has since faded but there we go. He had good movies in my high school years.
  5. Orlando Bloom
    Lord of the Rings, 'nuff said. Funny, because looking back, it was truly all about Aragorn.
  6. Chace Crawford from Gossip Girl
    LISTEN 👏👏 I saw one shirt commercial for GG, one close up of his face, and by God I was sold. I still like the name Nathaniel if I have kids.
  7. Tom Hiddleston
    I was there right before he really took off, sometime between Thor and The Avengers. If you scroll back realllll far in my Tumblr you can check out what I was like in my hardcore stanning days.
  8. Zayn Malik/Liam Payne
    Obviously this was back in my One Direction days back when things were good and my favorite band was whole as well as my heart. My last true stanning targets.
  9. Dev Patel
    A gift sent from above? Probably. This year's Oscars was an Experience, to say the least