Self-explanatory, I like shopping and these are all #goalsaf
  1. Penelope from...Penelope
    Okay so first of all this movie is underrated as all hell. Second, I'm convinced this movie upped my fashion game. She dressed so feminine and the colors were very autumnal which is my jam.
  2. Andy Sachs from The Devil Wears Prada
    SO MANY OUTFITS. For the record, the closet raiding would take place post-transformation so I could snag those Chanel boots
  3. Cher Horowitz from Clueless
    Ideal 90s fashion.
  4. Belle from Once Upon a Time
    I'm only on season 2 so NO SPOILERS but every outfit she's worn I want on my body.
  5. Actually, add Mary Margaret from OUAT too
  6. Eilis Lacey from Brooklyn
    I love me some 50s fashion. I watched this again last night and she rocks every outfit.
  7. Blair Waldorf
    I've been dreaming of a wardrobe like hers since I first saw the show. All of her preppy looks make me wish I went to a school that required uniforms.