Did you know I'm obsessed with a boy wizard and the shenanigans he and his best friends got into? Now you doooo.
  1. Literally any scene with Peeves.
    BECAUSE PEEVES SHOULD HAVE BEEN IN THE MOVIES. But mostly, "Give her hell from us Peeves" and then he salutes Fred and George and I get hype af
  2. Dobby in Goblet of Fire
  3. Hermione and S.P.E.W.
    I understand why it was left out for time reasons but it brought so much to her character.
  4. Teddy Lupin
    Again, time reasons but since he's supposed to bring the story full circle I feel like they really could have worked harder to include this story.
    It provides so much backstory excuse me while I cry forever at the lack of explanation for Tom's birth.
  6. Voldemort dying LIKE A REGULAR HUMAN BEING
    Am I pissed about this year's later? Yeah a little. He spent so much time, killed so many people in an attempt to live forever and he ends up getting killed by an expelliarmus at 70 something and his body is like shoved in a corner and everyone flips off his corpse (headcanon?) like...this was so important?
  7. The part where Snape asks Dumbledore to sacrifice James and Baby Harry to save Lily
    Because I would really like for people to stop praising Snape to the high heavens please and THANK.
  8. (Can we actually take out the scene where Snape cradles the dead body of the woman that never loved him back?) (While baby Harry was crying in his crib because he was just ATTACKED) (I don't feel bad for Snape)
  9. Lavender and Parvati friendship for reasons~~
  10. All the Gryffindor friendships actually. Because the trio weren't adventuring 24/7 and sometimes they joked around like the teenagers they were and sometimes we forget that!
  11. Okay so I'm a Bad Fan and can't remember what the radio program was but the one that Fred and George and Lee ran in the seventh book
    They were risking so much running this program but it was them doing their part to help the resistance against Voldemort and Co. Not only were they sharing valuable news and honoring those that had died fighting, but they used humor! So vital for morale! I love my boys!
  12. Regulus Black being a BAD ASS and sticking it to Voldemort
  13. The St. Mungos scene from OOTP with Neville's parents! Frank and Alice deserved more than a brief mention in front of a mirror!
  14. This is purely personal reasons but all of the brief conversations the trio had with Sirius?
    Like, Hermione asking how he escaped from Azkaban in PoA and referring to Sirius as Mr. Black and Sirius being like "oh me?" Or in Goblet of Fire where Sirius transforms and stays close to Hogwarts to keep an eye on Harry lord HELP ME he loves his godson so much.
  15. Personal reasons again but after Harry brings back Cedric's body and stuff happens and he's in Dumbledore's office where Sirius is giving him comfort somebody hold me
  16. Also Sirius showing up in the hospital wing and Molly is like UM MASS MURDERER JUST WALKING THROUGH? and everyone is like "lol chill"
  17. Fleur standing up for herself and saying she is good looking enough for her and Bill thank you very much after Bill's attack.