This is my intro list. You're about to learn everything about me sans gifs because I only have a simple Android...
  1. My name is Michelle.
    If we get to know each other better, I might even let you know my nicknames (it's Shells, it's literally not even exciting or embarrassing).
  2. I'm 25 years old.
    I'm commonly mistaken as 18 years or younger which will probably come in handy when I'm 50. I find myself saying "I'm too old for this" at least 4 times a week, usually in response to something I've seen on the Twitter or the Tumblr.
  3. If you're interested in personality tests, I'm an ISFP, type 4, neutral good, and a Gryffindor.
    And as you already know, a Scorpio. my Meyers Briggs type is actually the best description of what I'm like. If you dont know yours, I highly suggest taking the test for yourself, it's fun!
  4. I have a lot of interests (as do you I'm sure).
    And I'm ridiculously obsessive and passionate about all of them. I love all types of music and Spotify is my best friend. Harry Potter is my everything and I'm a massive Disney fan. I also love One Direction but not the drama that comes with it. I'm also into LOTR and Star Wars. Let's talk about these things.
  5. I have no pets.
    This saddens me everyday.
  6. My soul is most complete during college football season.
    💙💛🐻 go Bruins
  7. My brother is my favorite person in the entire world, even though he doesn't reciprocate.
    But he keeps me calm and he's the person I'm most comfortable around.
  8. I love making new friends
    If you're looking for a sign to talk to me, this is it!