We're observing the Aladdin rules here: no wishing for more wishes, can't bring people back from the dead, and can't make someone fall in love with you
  1. WISH #1: To always have the amount of money you need to buy/pay off something
    Need to make my student loan payment? The exact amount is there. Decided I want Starbucks for lunch? That money is there too. Want to send someone money? Okay! A better option than wishing for a finite amount of money.
  2. WISH #2: Singing
    The first wish literally takes care of anything related to money so this one is the ability to take on the singing capabilities of any person. If I want to take a more big Broadway approach I can but I would be able to switch to a more country sound if I wanted at will. It would be a very wide range. I don't even want a career out of this, I just want to wow at parties.
  3. WISH #3: An invisible bubble that keeps out spiders and any other insect I choose
    Truly the most important wish of all. If I only got one wish, this would be it. The bubble is 20 feet in diameter, goes ALL AROUND ME (if I were floating in midair they STILL wouldn't be able to reach me), is a 24/7/365 kind of deal, and can expand to other insects as well but always keeps out spiders because they're GROSS and I HATE THEM and they SCARE ME but I recognize their importance in the world.