1. So I was on my way to the DMV to take my written test for my drivers license because yes, I'm 25 soon to be 26 and can't drive yet.
  2. Anyway I'm looking at my documents that I had to bring (but ended up not needing but whatever) and was like "hm something looks off"
  3. And that's when I saw that my birth certificate shows that my middle name (Ashley) is spelled Ahsley.
  4. This is news!
  5. So I pass my test (🚗🚗) and we go home and but my birth certificate away with the other important documents like my SS card
  6. And what do we see?!?!
  7. My SS card has a DIFFERENT spelling for my name and it reads Ashely instead
  8. So my BC says Ahsley, my SS card says Ashely, and I've been spelling it Ashley my whole life because THAT'S WHAT IT IS RIGHT?
  9. Anyway it's like sort of easy to fix but that's the story of how I had a crisis 19 days before my birthday ho hum.
  10. Giphy