Poor Unfortunate Souls

If I could pull an Ursula and steal voices because I'm a boss sea witch these are the voices I'd want to steal
  2. Idina Menzel
    I've loved her voice since I first watched Rent many many moons ago. I always sing Maureen's part in Take Me or Leave Me. Of course, she then went on to do Wicked which gave me an ENTIRE MUSICAL OF HER VOICE. And then she was on Glee back when I was I to Glee and she didn't sing but I love her in Enchanted and I'm gushing aren't I?
  3. Kristin Chenoweth
    SPEAKING OF WICKED AND GLEE. Another super fun voice to sing along with but she also sang in what is truly one of the best and prettiest shows of all time Pushing Daisies. She was also the voice of Rosetta in the Tinker bell movies before Megan Hilty like wow I love your career.
  4. Natalie Maines
    The lead singer of the Dixie Chicks and probably my favorite female country voice of all time. Everytime I sing Cowboy Take Me Away it is an EXPERIENCE.
  5. Shakira
    TE AVISO, TE ANUNCIO IS A QUALITY SHOWER SONG. Remember when Shakira burst onto the scene? What a lovely time for music. She really sealed the deal with Waka Waka.
  6. Janelle Monae
    Honestly I'm just a fan of her entire look but she has the voice of a super cool angel and I would like to sing like that when does she get her Super Bowl halftime show? She is such a powerful performer!
  7. Sara Bareilles
    I don't even remember when I first heard her voice but it I know I fell in love when one of her songs was used on So You Think You Can Dance (it was Gravity if you're wondering) and from that moment I was hooked. And then she performed at the Tony's Sunday night? Beautiful.