Songs from Musicals I Confidently Belt Despite the Fact I Can Only Hit the High Notes in My Dreams

Inspired by @brimattia and because according to Spotify I've listened to a lot of musicals this year.
  1. "The Wizard and I"- Wicked
    Is it my favorite Wicked song? I don't know but it's probably up there. It's fun to act out in the shower though.
  2. "All That Jazz"- Chicago
    This is the movie soundtrack version because it's the one I watched all the time. Also fun to act out, do a little dance, you know what I mean.
  3. "One Day More"- Les Miserables
    If you want a good time watch me try to sing all the parts. I am partial to the movie version because Aaron Tveit duh
  4. "Helpless"- Hamilton
    Let's be real, it's ALL the songs here but Eliza is so fun to sing (and I get to see Phillipa Soo in Amélie on Jan. 15 I'm crying)
  5. "Agony"- Into the Woods
    I found the original production on YouTube (no one told me it existed! I have the fakest friends!) or the one that was recorded for tv anyway the point is I love it and Bernadette Peters but also this song.
  6. "What Baking Can Do"- Waitress
    I'll be honest, I watched the Tonys this year solely so I could watch Hamilton perform and win but then Waitress had their performance and hoooo loooord. I've probably listened to this soundtrack as much, if not more, than Hamilton.