1. Way back when (like, 2 years ago) I worked at Bads Pro Shops and it was HELL.
    The work wasn't bad, the people were nice, but I hated it. A li.st for another day...
  2. I was on the special events team which mostly consisted of running various kids activities.
    If you've seen the commercials for their Winter Wonderland, that was job. BB gun range, soft foam arrows, coloring pages, etc. I was damn good at my job.
  3. For our Labor Day event, they had two of us do face painting. I was one of the few that had craft experience and I'm not awful at drawing so I volunteered my services.
    We also got to sit for our entire shift. A plus because Lord knows I didn't wear practical work shoes. I wore Converse, because I was young and foolish.
  4. We were told to keep things relatively simple so we could a) keep the line moving and b) not be pressured to do things out of our comfort (talent) zone.
    Things they suggested: balloons, smiley faces, fish. We were in a Bass Pro, there were fish everywhere.
  5. For the first couple of guests, that's what we stuck with. We also only had a small selection of face paint colors. But eventually I started getting kids that were asking for more complex designs and I'm someone that loves a challenge so I typically said yes.
  6. I was getting requests for giraffes, elephants, alligators (I did an AMAZING alligator, I'm still over the moon about that alligator), sharks, Hello Kitty, Mickey Mouse.
  7. When I looked over at the other girl working with me, her paintings were good but not...my...level...?
    I felt kind of bad for the kids that were asking for things that I knew I could do and she was all "oh, I can't do that" :(
  8. Anyway, hire me for your next child's birthday party, I can probably do a bunch of superhero stuff now because I was Marvel trash for the past 4 years.