Alternatively: The Time I Told My Mom I Hated Her and the Plan Seriously Backfired
  1. To start with, I should say that I was an exceptional child.
    This isn't even me hyping my young self up, if you ask my parents they would tell you that I was a dream first kid.
  2. However, we're all entitled to Bad Moments now and again
  3. I was doing something and my mom (who stayed at home with me) probably told me to knock it off and I said something along the lines of "This house is a prison and I hate you!"
    In all likelihood it was less dramatic then that but the message was the same.
  4. Fast forward to my dad coming home from work, my mom telling my dad what I said (SNITCH), and my dad kicking me out.
  5. He was super calm about it too which is sign number 1 that something is Not Right.
    He was like, "if you don't like living here with these rules then you don't have to live here" and I was all "...okay."
  6. Dad brought out my little suitcase and started taking my clothes out of my dresser and packing them up. When he was done, he walked me outside and was like "alright bye! Good luck!"
  7. Cue me standing on my front step with my packed suitcase and crying because oh. shit. What do I do?
  8. They left me out there for not even five minutes before they were like "do you want to come in?" To which I responded
  9. My dad made me apologize to my mom (I suck with apologies) and I never said I hated her (or my dad) again
  10. And then my dad made me put my clothes away. The icing on this crap cake.