It's officially autumn where I am which means it's basically Halloween and I'm addicted to ghost shows on TV.
  1. Pull the blankets over your head when you sleep
    I have a habit of burrowing under the blankets when I sleep because I was terrified of vampires coming into my room and biting my neck when I was younger. So I'll probably make sure you're well protected.
  2. Find out which song you hate and play it whenever I can.
    Just for kicks and giggles.
  3. Clean your house if it's messy.
    Some people say they have ghosts that just make a mess of everything. I'll be the opposite. YOU'RE WELCOME.
  4. Change the channel to what I would want to watch
    If you did an EVP recording session you'd probably hear me criticizing your taste in television too.
  5. Open all of your windows during the winter.
    I love sleeping with the window open during the winter because I pile on my blankets and get to properly burrow when I sleep so I'm doing the same thing in death.
  6. Play Disney songs at all hours.
    I'm making your life better, I'm the most selfless ghost to hypothetically exist.
  7. Play with your pets, if you have any
    I just love animals? Let me pet your dog. I'll be gentle and loving.
  8. Me, basically.