I feel like a lot of us had this phase growing up where we listened to music that wasn't "mainstream" and we felt really special. Newsflash to past!selves: we weren't. If you find yourself in this phase now, here's what you have to look forward to:
  1. You open yourself to new music and find that you actually enjoy it and it's amazing because what's more fun that new music?
    New music may not refer just to new current artists, but new genres as well and that's including whatever the current pop hits are at the time. My pretentious phase had me listening almost exclusively to classic rock and while I still love the music from that era, I missed out on so much fun pop music.
  2. Youtube becomes more fun.
    It's really nice to be able to watch music videos without the urge to comment "when did we start listening to this crap? I'm so embarrassed by my generation!!!111"
  3. You realize what a downer you were and try to bring other people past their pretentious stage.
    Come to the other side! We have so much music! I was one of you but I've learned and now I want to explore new bands with you by my side! *rides rainbow off into the sunset or something with a killer soundtrack playing as you go idk*
  4. You have fun!
    The biggest incentive, really! I can only speak from my own experience obviously, but I feel I enjoy music so much more. I had put this weird pressure on myself that I couldn't enjoy popular music because it would ruin my reputation or my credibility. Songs used to be a guilty pleasure that I could only listen to in private and music is something that is so fun to be shared. It was so boring and exhausting. But it's fun now and I want everyone to have the relationship with music that I do.