I believe there is a distinct difference between my favorite movies and desert island movies. My favorites are my favorites, no further explanation. My desert island movies need to be a bit more diverse.
  1. The Favorite Movie
    Because I need to have ONE movie off of my top five favorite movie list. This one goes to Return of the King Extended Edition because it's long as hell and covers a lot: humor, action, drama, tearful reunions, good looking men fighting.
  2. The Musical
    For a long time, this went to Chicago but when Les Miserables came out it kicked Chicago out. Chosen because it's also a bit on the longer side, also has good looking people fighting, but mostly it has songs that I don't know all the words to so that could keep me occupied.
  3. The Animated Movie
    Seeing as most of my favorite animated movies are Disney, this is the hardest spot to fill and changes on my mood. Today, it's Beauty in the Beast for the great soundtrack and can make me cry if I'm in the right mood.
  4. The Comedy
    If im stuck on an island, i want to laugh and i want to laugh hard. Another tough choice, but I usually have it narrowed down to just two: Blazing Saddles and Dumb and Dumber. I've been leaning towards Dumb and Dumber lately but just know that either of these would be a welcome addition.
  5. The Wildcard
    I don't have any other categories that need to be filled, so I usually just pick from another category or whatever I currently have on repeat. Today this spot goes to Pride and Prejudice with Keira Knightly. Great soundtrack, great acting, makes me cry when Mr Darcy is walking with the sun rising behind him. I'm a sap at heart.