Shout out to updates, ya girl got gifs 😎 I've been sitting on this list for almost a month making sure I got it right and I'm pleased. Also, these are in no particular order, it's hard enough to pick these shows, let alone rank them...
  1. Parks and Recreation
    When it ended, I wrote on Twitter thar I had lost my happy place because it's true. Everytime I felt (feel) down I would curl up with an episode and feel okay for the length. Enter Netflix...
  2. The Twilight Zone
    I became addicted thanks in large part to the Syfy marathons on New Years Eve. There's an episode for every mood but to pick a favorite can't go wrong with Talking Tina.
  3. Veep
    I started watching this after Julia Louis Dreyfus won an Emmy over Amy Poehler for Best Comedy Actress and I thought l, "If Amy is hilarious in Parks and Rec, Julia must be out of this world funny." I was right. There's been at least one moment every episode where I have to pause the episode because it was just so. funny.
  4. Freaks and Geeks
    I've just finished rewatching this on Netflix which solidified for me that this is truly one of the greatest shows and one of my favorites. Lasting only 18 episodes, it gave us so much in its only season. I know people still lament the fact that it didn't get a season 2 but after watching the finale, I like where it left off.
  5. Avatar: The Last Airbender
    One thing that the movie did right was that it sparked my interest in watching the animated show which is one of the best television related decisions I've ever made. It does a great job combining kids humor and "big people problems" like, you know, saving the world and stuff.