Possible spoilers for the show and book!
  1. I can't wait for Nicole Kidman to get that Emmy nomination (and win?!)
  2. I thought I just liked Ed because he's played by Adam Scott but no I just really like the guy and I liked him in the book too so it's for real
  3. Looool I forgot that everyone was dressed in Audrey or Elvis costumes at trivia night I can wait to watch this
  4. Celeste's marriage is so messed up and the show just scratches the surface of it
  5. Shailene cam hold her own against Nicole and Reese and it's incredible to watch.
  6. They should release Bonnie's exercise class online
  7. The casting for these kids is so good. Not even the cute factor (they are, they're adorable especially Chloe), but just good little actors
  8. Whenever I see Laura Dern I think of Jurassic Park
  9. This car conversation between Celeste and Madeline means a lot to meeeee
  10. God the casting for Perry is great
  11. I like the child psychologist because she says nice things about Ziggy
  12. Mmmm I don't like this cheating storyline with Madeline
  13. Really interested to see how they're going to stretch the storyline across the next several episodes.
  14. Thanks for joining me!
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