I'm bored while waiting for a pre-employment physical at an Occupational healthcare facility.
  1. Are you sick? Oh dear lord, don't infect me.
  2. There are 8 other empty chairs in this room, did you have to sit in the one right next to me?
  3. Can you smell the amount of perfume you put on this morning? Because I can taste it.
  4. What is that guy here for?
  5. I'm really just here for a physical.
  6. How much freaking paperwork can I possibly be filling out here?
  7. Oh good, you took me out of the waiting room so I can wait in the exam room by myself, no tv. I was intrigued by the Rachael Ray show.
  8. There's not even any fun anatomical diagram for me to look at in here.
  9. How long do I wait in this sterile room before figuring that they've forgotten about me?
  10. Should I go look for someone to make sure they didn't forget about me?
  11. Is this a psychological test also, to see how long I'll sit in this room alone?