Requested by @jannychan
My first list, requested by and about @jannychan
  1. She is always good to share a glass (or case) of wine with.
  2. She introduced me to wine
    When I was 16
  3. She snuck out of my house with me when I was 16 to go to a club.
    Grandma came too. Mom and Dad still don't know
  4. She encouraged me to start waiting tables to pay for college
  5. She encouraged me to stop waiting tables after college to pursue my career
  6. She supported my interest in pursuing a career in film when no else did
  7. She supported my decision to stop pursuing a career in film when everyone else said I was a quitter
  8. She sacrifices her own life to take care of my wonderful grandmother, who has dementia and can't care for herself
  9. She thinks I'm great and never judges me
    Even when I'm not great and should be judged