Just. In. Case. (This list expires in 2018 at which point I will update.)
  1. @abbuelitam will be writing and delivering the eulogy.
    She eloquent. And funny. And she can keep her shit together. Bonus points: English major || Double Bonus points: She's a helluva good friend.
  2. Location: Not at a church if I can help it.
    Churches are convenient locations for funerals... I get it! But TBH that's not the vibe I want to end on.
  3. Musical Numbers
    Heaven knows I'm surrounded by musical talent, so please tell my friends that if they loved me they will perform. What they perform is totally up to them... If they don't want to perform? I hear you can haunt people when you're dead.
  4. Food
    If you thought for even a second funeral potatoes and ham were going to cut it I think you should just unfollow me now... Nope. I'm thinking Cafe Rio catering? Sodalicious?
  5. If you open that casket...
    See above comment about haunting. NO! I will not look good. I know! No one can do these eyebrows better than I can! Intrigued by, but not sold on, the idea of cremation (would it be weird to ask everyone I love to put me somewhere?) but for sure no open casket.
  6. Please let people have fun.
    Tears are overrated. I want a party. With dancing... You know how much I love dancing. And I don't want people to feel like they need to be reverent. Heaven knows I'm not.