I usually decide what to eat based on which condiment I'm in the mood for. Condiments...they make this world the best place.
  1. Ketchup
    This is my number one, go to. On eggs, on burgers, on fries, on hot dogs... Yes.
  2. A1
    The person that created this heavenly nectar is going straight to heaven. It's super good on baked potatoes in case you were wondering.
  3. Syrup
    Deciding what to eat for breakfast depends 97% on which condiment I'm craving... This is a great go to.
  4. Fry Sauce
    I was so anti for so long, but now, every once in a while on JCWs fries... That's that.
  5. Mustard
    Have you ever tried this on grilled cheese sandwiches?? Do it.
  6. Balsamic Vinegar
    Actually any kind of vinegar, but balsamic is the most socially acceptable when you want to basically drink it. It burns so good!