What I Would Do if Lena Dunham Obliged to Going to Drinks With Me in NYC

@lenadunham can we meet on a Wednesday night when we feel alive?
  1. Quit my job on the spot
  2. Cry (happy tears) for 3.5 hours straight while listening to 'Can you feel the love tonight' repetitively
  3. Take an adderall and pull an all nighter finishing a multitude of self mocking short stories to show Lena
  4. Buy an outfit that showcases my nipples / completely power clashes
  5. Prepare index cards with conversation topics to consider (i.e. The inevitability of death, feminism, Shonda Rhimes, unshaved armpits, Kanye-level egocentrism, & writers block)
  6. Remind Lena of when she commented on my Crop Top Instagram, and how it has profoundly changed my life
  7. Periscope the entire event