I read this article today and now I don't know what to think. I copy and pasted some of the points from the article. Source: http://www.pajiba.com/netflix_movies_and_tv/is-steven-avery-guilty-evidence-making-a-murderer-didnt-present.php
  1. Spoilers
  2. Spoilers
  3. Spoilers
  4. In the months leading up to Halbach’s disappearance, Avery had called Auto Trader several times and always specifically requested Halbach to come out and take the photos
  5. Halbach had complained to her boss that she didn’t want to go out to Avery’s trailer anymore, because once when she came out, Avery was waiting for her wearing only a towel (this was excluded for being too inflammatory). Avery clearly had an obsession with Halbach.
  6. The bullet with Halbach’s DNA on it came from Avery’s gun, which always hung above his bed.
  7. On the day that Halbach went missing, Avery had called her three times, twice from a *67 number to hide his identity.
  8. Avery had purchased handcuffs and leg irons like the ones Dassey described holding Halbach only three weeks before (Avery said he’s purchased them for use with his girlfriend, Jodi, with whom he’d had a tumultuous relationship — at one point, he was ordered by police to stay away from her for three days).
  9. I don’t know how Avery murdered Halbach. I also don’t believe anything that Dassey said in his coerced confession, but also won’t rule out his involvement bc he would’ve done anything anyone asked of him.
  10. I don’t believe the jury should’ve convicted because there simply wasn’t enough unimpeachable evidence to support a guilty verdict.
  11. Thoughts????