My First Kiss 👄

  1. •
    Happened in 8th grade
  2. •
    Took place on top of an air hockey table
  3. •
    And tasted like cool ranch Doritos
  4. •
    It was awkward and weird
    (as most first kisses tend to be)
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    ✨Setting the scene✨
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    We were at a weekend house "party" that started at like 4:00
    It was a parent chaperoned party in a huge basement. No drugs or alcohol. Just Mountain Dew and Doritos baby! 💃🏼
  7. •
    The parents hired a local radio station DJ so there was lots of terrible dancing as well.
    (This was the dirty dancing my parents had warned me about! 😱💃🏼😱)
  8. •
    I was at the party with my first "boyfriend"
    Aka our parents dropped us off at the mall and we walked around holding hands a few times
  9. •
    We were sitting on top of an air hockey table cuddling and talking
    We were in love. I even wrote it in my AIM profile in hot pink comic sans.
  10. •
    Some girl came up to us and dared us to kiss.
  11. •
    So without hesitating he just started kissing me
  12. •
    It was very sloppy and unpleasant
  13. •
    Because I'm pretty sure it was his first kiss too
  14. •
    Prior to kissing he had been eating cool ranch Doritos
  15. •
    So it tasted a lot like that.
    Which is a great firsthand taste, but not a great secondhand taste.
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    The quick make out session (if you could even call it that) seemed to appease the crowd and they moved on.
  17. •
    Then we all went swimming??
  18. •
    Idk, it was all pretty weird
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