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  1. v meta
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  2. Is dance troupe hazing a thing?
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    "I can't, I have dance" - every girl in high school
  3. flashbacks to Michael Scott grilling his foot on The Office
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  4. The shoplifting charge is the least of her worries.
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  5. Screenshot of leg 💯
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  6. Real Kim Kardashian quote
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  7. That Swiss cheese will get ya
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  8. Cuz soda is something new born babies definitely need
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  9. -___-
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  10. The girl knows how to relax
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  11. Proof of reincarnation
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  12. Hero
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  13. A mother-daughter coming out
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  14. To anyone who downloaded this app: fuck you
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  15. Wow honestly the surgery worked. Is that Kim k?? I seriously can't tell!
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